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by Panorama Resort & Spa

More than 10 years ago we started buying only raw products and making everything, absolutely everything, ourselves. Today we also make bread, jams, soups, sauces, ice-cream and pasta in the Panorama kitchen. We even smoke the salmon ourselves and our own Xocolate products are made by our pâtissiers with great care and attention. 

Recently we have also started to sell our own "Homemade by Panorama Resort & Spa" product line. This selection offers home-made jams, pasta, nut assortments, Birnenbrot (a Swiss speciality, delicious with cheese) and honey-Muesli bars. The products are available at the shop right by the hotel reception.

Apart from what we produce ourselves, a central focus is the quality of what we buy. We choose our suppliers with great care on the basis of product quality and ecological criteria and whenever possible we purchase from local suppliers.

All our home-made products are also available in our online shop under

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