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Restaurant Collina

The Restaurant Collina represents a real revival of the well-known and favoured meals – a rediscovery of dishs like steak tartare, Risotto alla Ticinese, Chateaubriand and many more.

The products are selected accurately with reference to the immediate environment and Switzerland, e.g. beef from the Höfe, Bresaola from Puschlav and buffalo mozzarella from the Emmental. All meals are prepared freshly and light.
Inspiring with the modern lifestyle-furnishing of natural materials and the fantastic view on lake Zurich.

Opening hours

For guests staying with us, Restaurant Collina is open daily from 11.30h until 22.00h.

Please note that until end of March 2021, our restaurants are only allowed to be open to guests who have booked an overnight stay.

Menu and wine list for download

Our current menu and wine list can be viewed here.

Menu (PDF)

Surf & Turf menu, German (PDF)

Wine list, German