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Surf & Turf

Until the end of March 2021 we spoil you with creative dishes of lobster, shrimp, crawfish, mussel and crab in combination with selected meat specialties such as Pata Negra Secreto Bellota, Black Angus beef entrecote, "Höfner" beef fillet, Australian Wagyu beef and veal cutlet.

The delicately spiced delicacies roasted in the "Big Green Egg" grill are served with garnish and sauce of your choice. May it be pancetta potatoes and Bernaise sauce for your Surf & Turf dish? Or would you prefer truffled french fries with Café de Paris sauce?

For the best only the best. That's why we use not only the best meat and shellfish for our Surf & Turf dishes, but also prepare them on the "Big Green Egg" grill. The "Big Green Egg" is characterized on the one hand by thick high-tech ceramic grill walls and on the other hand can be closed airtight, which causes a lack of oxygen when grilling at around 300° C. This ensures that the charcoal-typical smoke flavors are absorbed especially tasty from the grilled food.

Surf & Turf menu for download

All Surf & Turf dishes can be seen here:

Surf & Turf menu, German (PDF)

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