Akari Spa

For your well-being and health: The Akari Spa includes a world of wellness and well-feeling with a stunning view of Lake Zurich. With its breathtaking panoramic view and open design, 2’000 m² invite you to relax and recharge. Light symbolizes energy - find yours at the Akari Spa. 

Pools & Adventure Showers

Infinity Experiences at the Akari Spa

Dive into a world of refreshment with our indoor and outdoor pools, complemented by a spacious whirlpool with back and foot massage jets for a unique bathing delight.

  • Indoor pool, 32 °C 
  • Outdoor infinity pool, 30 °C 
  • Whirlpool with bubble niches and view over Lake Zurich, 36 °C 
  • Water Heaven: cold and warm experience showers

Sauna World

Sweat, steam and inhale

The Akari Sauna World includes a unique variety of 7 vitalizing saunas and steam baths.

Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, our contemporary saunas and steam rooms aid in body regeneration and detoxification. They can bolster the immune system, reduce stress, and uplift overall well-being. The Sauna Realm welcomes you daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Panorama Sauna: Dry sauna, 90 °C, Pine wood
Lotus Steam: Steam bath, 45 °C, 98% humidity
Asian Herbs Sauna: Dry sauna, 60 °C, Pine wood
Northern Lights Ice Room: Cooling cabin, 0 - 5 °C, 30% humidity
Mystic Steam: Steam bath, 50 °C, 50% humidity
Golden Dream Steam: Steam bath, 45 °C, 98% humidity
Bio Outdoor Sauna: Soft Sauna, Dry sauna, 60 °C, Pine and Fir wood


Havens of Peace and Tranquility

After a revitalizing sauna and steam bath experience, the body and soul crave peace and rejuvenation. Our diverse, harmoniously designed relaxation areas offer you meditative rest, allowing you to recharge and regain vitality. In one of our numerous delicately crafted relaxation and rest zones, find solace and rejuvenate.

  • Kneipp Hydrotherapy
  • Reclining loungers, panoramic terrace with loungers
  • Heated loungers & benches
  • Microsalt Relax Room

Akari Lounge

Refreshment and Revitalization at the Heart of Our Spa

Nourish your body with light dishes, fresh juices, and teas from our Akari Lounge.

As a part of your spa journey, meals in the lounge are complimentary for our wellness guests, ensuring vitality and well-being throughout your visit. 


  • Entry to the Akari Spa as a Day Spa Guest

    Leave your everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the world of wellness with one of our Day Spa packages at Akari Spa. Please note that we do not offer single-hour admissions, exclusively the two Day Spa packages described on our website.

    Explore our Day Spa offers

  • General Information about Akari Spa


    We recommend booking your treatments in advance. Otherwise the desired treatment may no longer be available.

    Registration for treatments

    Please report to the spa reception about 10 minutes before your treatment. Arriving late reduces the duration of the treatment and thus your recovery time.


    Please inform us at least 12 hours before your spa appointment if you are unable to attend, otherwise, the treatment will be charged.

    Towels / Bathrobes and Bath Shoes

    Bathrobes and slippers are provided in your room. With these, you can comfortably make your way from your room to the Akari Spa. Bath towels are provided for you at the Akari Spa.

    Nude Zone

    In the areas of Relaxation & Regeneration, Baths & Pools, and Fitness & Sport, you may remain in your swimwear or sportswear. The Saunas & Steam Baths area is NOT a nude zone; wearing swimwear is mandatory. In the special "Nude Area," you'll find a spacious panoramic sauna with a fantastic view, a lotus steam bath, and experiential cold showers.

    Supervision / Children's Regulation

    Under 4 years: No access to the Akari Spa.
    4 to 12 years: Access to the indoor and outdoor pool from 7 to 12 AM.
    13 to 16 years: Regular access to the indoor and outdoor pool.
    Children under 14 years: No access to the fitness area unless accompanied by an adult at all times.
    Children under 16 years: No access to the sauna area unless accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Opening Hours Akari Spa

    The Akari Spa is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Please note the specific opening hours for each area:

    Sauna world 10 am. - 10 pm.
    Akari Gym 6 am. - 10 pm.
    Indoor Pool Area

    6 am. - 10 pm.

    Outdoor Pool Area

    April to Novemver: 6 am. - 10 pm.
    December to March: 8 am. - 9 pm.

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