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About us

The Hotel Panorama Resort & Spa comprises a wide-ranging spa, 107 luxurious rooms and suites, and a professional business centre. The Mediterranean/oriental Restaurant Zafferano and the stylish Zanzibar at the top of the resort, as well as the gourmet Restaurant  «Collina», all offer cuisine of the finest. The generous Akari Spa provides a world of wellbeing with beautiful views of the Lake of Zurich. Spread over two floors with a total area of more than 2000 m2, numerous baths, whirlpools, saunas, steam baths, massage and cosmetic treatments await you.

Welcome from the Director

Dear Guests

The Panorama Resort & Spa is an exceptional resort for unwinding and relaxing. Its first-class spa, wonderful restaurants and stylish lounge guarantee unforgettable moments in a gorgeous setting – as do its luxurious guest rooms and suites. Immerse yourself in our charming facilities and escape the hectic pace of urban life. We have 140 qualified staff looking forward to making your stay here a special one.

Vreni and Paul Rüegg (at front)
Patrik and Manassada Rüegg (at back right)
Pascal and Seraina Rüegg (at back left)


Summary of Key Points

We want you to feel comfortable with us from the very first moment, and on this page you will find key details about your stay at the Panorama Resort & Spa. We will be pleased to answer any further questions by phone or e-mail at any time.

Your feedback is our motivation!

It is important to us to know how you have enjoyed your stay at the Panorama Resort & Spa. We gather valuable information from guest feedback as to how we can improve our service and augment our range of offers. Please give us your feedback direct at, evaluate us through Holidaycheck or any other online evaluation portal. Many thanks.

Online Booking

*Best price guarantee*

Online Booking

*Best price guarantee*